View to proper way to position a patient in a sitting position on the side of a bed, then transfer the patient into a wheelchair with a gait belt using a pivot transfer technique.

Transferring a Patient to a Wheelchair: A Step-by-Step Guide

Hello, Mr. Jones. I'm Patti, your CNA for today. How are you?

Great, I need to assist you into a wheelchair. I'll start by closing your curtain for privacy and washing my hands. I'll gather the necessary supplies and return shortly.


  1. Positioning for Transfer: I'll help you pivot so you're sitting on the bed's edge. Please scoot toward me first.
  2. Safety Measures: Cross your arms over your chest. I'll place one arm behind your shoulders and the other over your knee, maintaining a wide stance for stability.

Pivoting to the Wheelchair:

  1. Ready to Pivot: On the count of three, we'll pivot. Ready? One, two, three.
  2. Comfort Check: Are you comfortable and not dizzy? Good, let's proceed to put your shoes on, ensuring they're secure and your feet are flat on the floor.

Using a Gait Belt:

  1. Gait Belt Application: I'll wrap this gait belt around your waist, ensuring it's snug but comfortable, allowing four fingers of space between the belt and you.

Wheelchair Transfer:

  1. Wheelchair Positioning: I'll place the wheelchair next to the bed at a slight angle, ensuring it's locked in place for safety.
  2. Transfer to Wheelchair: Put your hands on my shoulders. On three, I'll lift, pivot, and lower you into the wheelchair. One, two, three.

Final Adjustments:

  1. Removing Gait Belt: Let's remove the gait belt. Please lift your arm.
  2. Adjusting the Wheelchair: I'll unlock the wheelchair, adjust the leg rests, and ensure your feet are comfortably positioned.

Ensuring Comfort and Safety:

  • Here's your call light, Mr. Jones. If you need anything, please let me know. Are you comfortable? Do you need any reading material?
  • After confirming your comfort, I'll open the privacy curtain, wash my hands, and review all steps of the skill to ensure everything was done correctly.

Thank you, Mr. Jones. If there's anything you need, don't hesitate to use the call light.

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