We offer 100% Risk Free Purchases on Achairgo brand products. Our specially designed products come backed by an industry leading guarantee. Feel good about shopping because we completely removed the risk. If you need to redeem your guarantee you will receive a fast and courteous replacement, refund or exchange. Each product page will specify which the length of the product's warranty.

Repairs and Replacements:

If a defect covered by the warranty is found, the Company will, at its discretion, repair or replace the defective part or product free of charge.
If a replacement is necessary, it will be of equal or similar quality to the original product.
The warranty is transferable to a new owner if the electric lift transfer chair is sold or given to another person.
In the event that the product cannot be repaired or replaced, the company will provide a refund of the purchase price.

Only products purchased through Achairgo.com are automatically registered in our guarantee program. Purchases through 3rd party channels are only guaranteed if registered within 30 days of purchase.


Please also note that product must be purchased through Achairgo or an authorized retailer for the guarantee to be valid. Authorized retailers include:

Amazon.com: Achairgo

Counterfeit or replicas items are not covered by Achairgo's Guarantee policy

Products purchased used or through re-sale are not covered.

Each purchase can only receive one guarantee redemption. We can not continually refund, replace or exchange your product.

The term “Lifetime” means the estimated lifetime of the product covered within the specific warranty.

Customers must report any issues with any product within the first 30 days of purchase. If any defects or damages at arrival are not reported within the first 30 days, then the above warranties would not apply.

Visit Return & Refund Policy Page for return related questions.